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Haole may mean outsider, but this ‘Haole’ dives deep to bring out the best blend of Hawaiian-local cooking you can find in this part of the Mainland. And, trust us, being an outsider never tasted this good.

Anju is a Korean inspired street eats restaurant.The name Anju means “Food that you eat when you're drinking.” At Anju we want to create food that is for all the different moments in your life and to make it as accessible as possible.

Soulful Seafood at its finest - Luchals offers made-from-scratch seafood with a creative twist. Loaded fries smothered in crab & shrimp, fried catfish and fried okra are a few fan favorites.

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Giant gourmet sandwiches on soft French rolls that are named after poplar landmarks throughout the city. We also offer specialized burgers, dogs and fries. Complete your Samich Shack experience with our funnel cake fries.

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Aite is the Goddess of mischief in Greek mythology, we strived to create mischief in the standard view of Mediterranean cuisine and put our own flavorful twist on it. Check it out!


Rival Bar is a place for you to grab your favorite drink or venture out and get one of our creatively crafted cocktails that will have that unique flavor profile you have been missing! We want to provide you with drinks that make you say hmm and yumm all at the same time.


Paleta is Spanish for ICE POPS, Handmade daily using finest ingredients to create our fruit base from Fruits and cream base using sweet cream and milk. Explore the Possibilities of DIP, HALF DIP, even drizzle, and then take a BITE. PACE yourself.

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Ephemera’s tasting menu invites guests to embark on an epicurean journey through a multi course format. The menu evolves continuously, offering return guests a new experience at each visit, living up to the ephemeral nature of the original pop up dinners

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Use your skills and talents to become a chef partner at CO.A.T.I! We always have space 

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