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Upcoming events

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No upcoming events at the moment


  • Do you have live music?

    • Yes, we have live music every weekend! The upcoming performers can be found at or on our Facebook page.

  • Do you take reservations?

    • At COATI, we have open seating that is available to all ages — choose your own adventure! Grab a table, grab some food, and enjoy.

  • How do I host an event at COATI?

    • Please send an email to with your vision for an event, providing as much detail as possible.

  • Can I talk to someone regarding a transaction?

    • Hi! Please send an email to for help regarding any transactions made within COATI.

  • Is there an age limit to come to COATI?

    • COATI welcomes folks of all ages.

  • Do you guys have a party room available to rent out?

    • While COATI doesn't have a party room in the traditional sense, we do have a semi-private event space upstairs that is available for rent. We accept reservations for groups larger than 25, and larger than 40 on weekdays. Please fill out this form if that sounds like your kind of party:

  • Is there an event happening tonight?

    • For all updated event information, you can find it at our events page on Facebook, or at We have live music every weekend, and some events popping off on other days of the week!

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